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Megan Betche, the youngest in a blended family with 5 older sisters, is a native of Ohio, where she was active in both 4-H and FFA. She moved to Florida in 2004, and not even Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jean were able to persuade her to leave Florida. 

Megan has been a professional educator for 18 years in both Volusia and Seminole County public schools. She and her dogs, Jax and Scuba, have been residents of Seminole County for the past 12 years. Leisure time finds her exploring the trails of Florida's amazing State Parks; SCUBA diving its unique springs, and reefs - both natural and artificial; or volunteering with several non-profit organizations (Girl Scouts, Special Olympics, New Horizons Service Dogs – to name a few).

While spending time walking her dogs in her community, hiking in the parks, and enjoying the springs; Megan realized that there was a need for someone to take a stand. She will advocate, educate, and protect the community she loves and lives.  Soil and Water Conservation in Seminole County needs to have a fresh set of eyes to promote use, management, and general conservation of soil and water. Megan, if elected, will assist with development and implementation of a strategic plan for Seminole County Soil and Water Conservation. 

Megan's teaching experience will be a real asset to the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation Board; as one of the primary missions is the education of the public regarding issues in the county affecting soil and water quality.  Having the public make well-informed decisions about how we use our water and soil resources will determine the future health of our environment for future generations. This will ensure Seminole County continues to and will remain "The Natural Choice."

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